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Images posted to AVSIM must conform to these rules.

  • Images must be posted in the AVSIM Screen Shot Forum or the Real Aviation Photos Forum.
  • Images are not allowed in other AVSIM forums unless the image is required to show a problem you are having or images of configuration settings. Non-flight simulation images can be linked in the Hangar Chat Forum if required to show or emphasize the title of the topic. Anything related to Flight Simulation or Real Aviation will be moved to the appropriate Screen Shot Forum.
  • Images posted in topics that are actually screenshots to show off an aircraft or scenery will be split from the topic and moved to the appropriate Screen Shot Forum.
  • Images must be hosted on your own image server site, such as Drop Box, Google Drive, Photobucket.com, OZx Image Hosting, or a website that you own.
  • Images can be of any size; however, be considerate of your fellow AVSIM members as large photos will take longer to load for some members who do not have fast Internet connections.
  • Images will automatically be resized to fit the viewer's screen width. This process is done automatically by the AVSIM website program.
  • No more than 20 images per post. Moderators will remove any image that exceed this requirement.
  • AVSIM members are reminded of the AVSIM Terms of Service in respect to images, and copyrighted and intellectual property. Images that violate our policies regarding copyrights and family safe environment will be removed and, depending on the severity of violation, user suspended or banned from AVSIM.
  • Images copyrighted on other websites such as Airliners.net are not allowed and will be removed immediately.
  • See Signature Rules for posting images in your signature.


2 Comments on screen shot rules

I don't see where to up load screen shots.

We have directions in the AVSIM Screenshot forum.  It is pinned at the top.  You can not upload images anymore.  They have to be hosted from another website.

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Where Flight Simulation Enthusiasts Gather from Around the World!

Where Flight Simulation Enthusiasts Gather from Around the World!