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AVSIM Announcements and News

AVSIM Opens 2014 Demographic Survey

Jun 24 2014 05:20 PM | Tom Allensworth in AVSIM Announcements and News

We are pleased to announce that the AVSIM 2014 Demographic Survey is now online and available for you to participate in. You can access the survey here. The demographic survey is an annual event for the AVSIM community and we encourage you to participa...

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Robert Whitwell Retires from AVSIM

Apr 29 2014 05:31 PM | Tom Allensworth in AVSIM Announcements and News

Robert Whitwell, AVSIM's Reviews Editor for the last 10 years, has submitted his retirement notice. Robert has said in an email to me:     Hi Tom.   Well it’s been 15 years since I first came to AVSIM. I had just retired from the RCAF a...

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New News Categories

Apr 16 2014 05:53 PM | Tom Allensworth in AVSIM Announcements and News

We have just updated our news categories and stories that we will accept. Here is the revised statement you can read when you go to submit a news release:     AVSIM Online is flight simulation's premier news source, visited by 100's of thous...

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AVSIM's Road Map for the Future

Mar 23 2014 01:19 PM | Tom Allensworth in AVSIM Announcements and News

Last Wednesday, March 20th, AVSIM met with and engaged an experienced team of IT specialists to aid in growing AVSIM and to maintain its robustness and responsiveness to our community in the future. They bring to our team skill sets that are applicable...

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Important AVSIM System Announcement

Mar 20 2014 04:26 PM | Tom Allensworth in AVSIM Announcements and News

We have just announced an important notice to our membership that you should read. You can read that announcement here.

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AVSIM Is Back Online

Mar 13 2014 04:42 PM | Tom Allensworth in AVSIM Announcements and News

As you can see, AVSIM is back online and serving the flight simulation community as usual. We have posted a note on what has taken place over the last week, and we encourage you to read it. You can find it here.

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AVSIM Reopens Revamped Member Reviews System

Jan 15 2014 06:47 PM | Tom Allensworth in AVSIM Announcements and News

AVSIM is pleased to announce that we have reopened our Member Reviews System. The new / revamped system provides our members an area to write their own reviews of products which they purchase for their flight simulation pleasure. Is that product a peac...

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AVSIM Returns to Facebook!

Dec 23 2013 05:27 PM | Tom Allensworth in AVSIM Announcements and News

After a number of years where we essentially let our Facebook presence lapse, we are pleased to announce that our Facebook presence is now back online and waiting to serve the Facebook enthusiasts in our hobby. You can find the AVSIM Facebook page here.

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AVSIM Opens Video Gallery!

Nov 18 2013 07:13 PM | Tom Allensworth in AVSIM Announcements and News

We are very happy to announce that we have brought a new Video Gallery online. This Gallery replaces the one that we had to take down earlier this year. It adds new features and a greater ease of use, and most importantly, reliability and low loads on...

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Library Managers - wanted

Oct 19 2013 01:24 PM | momtchil in AVSIM Announcements and News

Is flight simulation your passion?  Is Avsim one of your favorite bookmarks?  Would you like to join our team?  We are looking for a few volunteers to become library managers and assist us with the Avsim library. If you are interest...

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The PMDG B-777 Screen Shot Contest Results

Sep 15 2013 01:24 PM | Tom Allensworth in Contests

The AVSIM staff is pleased to announce the winners of our recently completed B-777 Screen Shot contest. In order from first to third, here they are (click on the Screen Shot name to see the entry):   First Place - Badfinger - "A Romantic Journey -...

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AVSIM Opens Focus on Freeware Forum

Aug 03 2013 10:35 PM | Tom Allensworth in AVSIM Announcements and News

We are pleased to announce the opening of the FOCUS ON FREEWARE Forum. The purpose of this forum is to provide reviews of freeware add-ons of any type and any sim platform for the community's reading pleasure. Freeware authors contribute phenomenally t...

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2014 FANCON Host City Voting Now Open!

Jul 11 2013 05:28 PM | Tom Allensworth in AVSIM Announcements and News

The voting is now open for the location of the 2014 FANCON. If we hold a FANCON in 2014, which of the cities nominated would you like to see the FANCON held? Here's your opportunity to vote for your preference:   http://www.esurveyspro.com/Survey....

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Forum Performance Update #3

Mar 18 2013 05:27 PM | Tom Allensworth in AVSIM Announcements and News

Well, after some long days, we seem to have licked the issues that arose with the update to the IPB base software. As you can see, most functionality of the previous system is back and more importantly, the site is up to its previous speeds of response...

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Open Message to AVSIM Community

Mar 16 2013 05:22 PM | Tom Allensworth in AVSIM Announcements and News

As you have surely noticed, we have had our issues over the last week or so. Here is the situation in a thimble.. We updated to the latest IPB software last week and it has been a problem ever since. Frankly, the upgrade was not ready for prime time an...

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Library Manager Volunteers Wanted

Feb 04 2013 01:17 PM | Chuck_Jodry-VJPL in AVSIM Announcements and News

The Avsim Library is seeking to add new Managers to its Staff , the Library Manager Job Description is available online to outline the tasks involved and time required. Interested parties are invited to use Avsims New Volunteer Form to apply.

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AVSIM Features Survey

Sep 13 2012 02:58 PM | Tom Allensworth in AVSIM Announcements and News

We occasionally like to take the pulse of our members and gauge what's important to you and what's not. We have put together a simple 9 question survey regarding some of our major features that we would like you to rate. The concept is simple; rate a f...

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SunSkyJet Philadelphia International Free

Jul 24 2012 07:42 AM | Chuck_Jodry-VJPL in AVSIM Announcements and News

KPHL for FSX & FS9 by SunSkyJet has generated outstanding reviews in the Avsim Forums. This freeware scenery features: Customized ground textures and runways rendered in high resolution, custom ground vehicles, high rez building textures, accurate rend...

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New Video Library Now Open

Jul 20 2012 12:32 PM | Tom Allensworth in AVSIM Announcements and News

We have just opened the new AVSIM Video Library. The video library is an aggregator (for lack of a better word), where videos hosteb by YouTube, Yahoo Video, Google Video, etc. The purpose of this library is to provide a showcase for video makers, comm...

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AVSIM Advertising Center Now Open!

Jul 07 2012 03:25 PM | Tom Allensworth in AVSIM Announcements and News

If you are an existing advertiser with ad currently running, please join the Ad Center today, and we will match up your running campaign so that you can start taking advantage of the features open to you as an account holder. If you are a past advertis...

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