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Flight One Software Super King Air B200

ATLANTA, Georgia, July 19, 2013 - Flight One Software announced today that they have released the most advanced King Air add-on aircraft ever developed for Microsoft® Flight Simulator X.
“The Flight 1 Beechcraft Super King Air B200 sets a new bar for flight simulation systems development and design,” says Flight One Vice-President Jim Rhoads. “It includes a Garmin G1000 avionics retrofit, advanced systems modeling, a maintenance module, and a custom-coded Android application that simulates the GCU 477 MFD controller. There’s really nothing else like this package on the market.”
The Flight1 B200 features a Blackhawk XP52 engine upgrade package. Two factory-new P&W PT6A-52 engines (the same engines used in factory-new 200GTs) provide an increased climb rate, a higher single-engine service ceiling, and a max cruise speed in excess of 310 knots.
“It’s the fastest King Air you can get for Flight Simulator X,” says Rhoads. “And it’s certified for single pilot operation. It’s a deep simulation of a complex aircraft that you could actually fly all by yourself.”
The Flight1 B200 features a highly realistic simulation of the real-world B200’s electrical, pneumatic, fuel, pressurization, and oxygen systems. It also includes a brake system that simulates brake wear over time, and a simulated ice protection system that has a purpose: forget to use it and ice buildup on the aircraft will cause flight model changes and failures.
G1000 features include realistic lateral and vertical autopilot and flight director modes (with support for fully coupled WAAS approaches), TAWS and traffic displays and alerting, SafeTaxi®-like airport diagrams on the PFD and MFD maps, in-aircraft creation and modification of flight plans, an updatable worldwide Navigraph navigation database, and a B200-specific Engine Indication System.
Also included in the package is a Maintenance Module that monitors aircraft usage at the system level and persistently tracks wear and tear on the engines, propellers, tires, brakes, and flaps. The engines consume oil when they are running, and engine mismanagement on the ground will damage them. Using the Maintenance Module, pilots can make line service requests, make repairs, and enable or disable individual wear and damage features. Less ambitious pilots who just want to fly can disable these features altogether.
The Flight1 B200 also features a custom-coded Android application that simulates the GCU 477 remote keypad controller. The app allows pilots with Android tablets and larger cell phones to control the MFD remotely, over a network. Using it saves screen real estate, is more realistic, and has no impact on performance.
“We’ve been working on the B200 for a while now, and we’re excited to finally release it,” says Rhoads. “It’s the perfect add-on aircraft for a pilot who likes the complexity of an airliner, but wants to operate in a single pilot GA environment.”
See the Flight1 Super King Air B200 in action and Purchase the Beechcraft Super King Air B200 from the King Air B200 Product Page.


I've been waiting for Flight 1 to release this B200 for FSX since I was a child. (:
I have to say that Flight 1 did a super job putting together this B200 simulation. Since I've purchased it, I find it difficult to get out of it.
It's a great variation from Carenado's EFIS panel B200.
I love the G1000 panel. Flight 1 does that very well.
I wonder if the training version G1000 from Flight 1 will drop into this B200? That would be interesting.

Well, I would have apreciate an option with a more traditional instrumentation as well. Is there a lot of B200:s that actually has the G1000 retrofit? 


F1 B200 does not work in P3D.  It's their policy.

Well, I would have apreciate an option with a more traditional instrumentation as well. Is there a lot of B200:s that actually has the G1000 retrofit? 


You already have Carenado's great version, using an EFIS panel, and Milviz is building one which, I believe, uses standard gauges.

I like the G1000 panel that Flight 1 uses, I wish it had a little more functionality, like fuel predictions.

Almost all new aircrafts now use the G1000 panel setup.

I believe the B200 that Flight 1 simulates, is like a 1985 model, that has been retro-fitted with the new panel.

I have never flown a G1000 equipped BE20 but it is an offical option by Garmin. Brand new King Airs come with the Pro Line 21 and I would assume that "most" new King Airs would be equipped as such. However, the King Air is 40 years old and there are many different configurations of King Airs. (I have even seen a Garret engined BE20.)


For older BE20s this looks like an excellent less expensive update espically for owner pilots coming from G1000 equipped pistons. I know the last airplane we had modifed cost $2.5 million for a dual UNS1 system. G1000s have prices as low as $300K, but once they start digging into your 30 year old electrical system no telling how much the cost is going to go up. I also do not know if the G1000 gives you RNP 0.3 certifcation and T2AWS or if you are stuck with a /G part 91 only airplane.


I have never been too impressed with either of the previous attempts at a BE20 and for the cost (after getting suckered in by two other companies products) would stick with the default B300. Aeroworx had ok systems, but the systems were only gauge deep. If I ran the Maintenance Checks they would fail. FDE was ok until you tried to land. Carenado was a little better on systems and the FDE was also a little better, until you attempted an EFIATO in which case the single engine flight charastics failed  misserably. 


From just an FDE point the PMDG 1900C flies the best.

F1 B200 does not work in P3D.  It's their policy.

Too bad, will pass, I will not sink $60 for FSX.

ESGG: 100% agree i dont know why they did with Garmin1000 ok i know its fancy but C'MON guys!!!!!!! Sick of the glass cocpits

Yes at $59 , And after 4 days of no Cockpit ,a refund was made ,and very good on the service & refund , I am now sitting on my hand`s  !! until the Kingair i350 Milviz .

Regards Shaun. 

Henry Street
Jul 21 2013 08:25 AM

thanks for the moderation...was a bit out of hand

Jul 21 2013 10:20 AM

Great plane, love flying her. Been waiting a lone time for this one, but worth the wait!




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