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REVIEW - Azul Ladies in Pink

Aug 04 2014 04:56 PM | Chase in Reviews

Azul Ladies in Pink by Just Planes A review by Marlon Carter   Introduction     Just Planes has once again revisited Azul for another exciting program that features a sp...

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Norwegian 787 by Just Planes

Aug 04 2014 04:29 PM | Chase in Reviews
Article Viewed 935 Times

Norwegian 787 by Just Planes A review by Marlon Carter Format: Blu-Ray/Download     Introduction   For a third time Just Planes has once again been given the opportunity to film the operations of Norwegian and their new 787 f...

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A2A Piper Cherokee 180 With Accu-Sim

Aug 04 2014 02:56 PM | Chase in Aircraft
Article Viewed 1433 Times

A2A Piper Cherokee 180 with Accu-Sim A review by Mike Cameron   Introduction The initial PA-28-150 and PA-28-160 Cherokees were introduced in 1961 as replacements for Piper’s PA-22 Tri-Pacer and Colt.  Unlike these earlier a...

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Three Years, A Thousand Posts Later, What Avsim...

Aug 03 2014 09:41 PM | Wendall in Guest Editorials
Article Viewed 849 Times

This was posted this evening in the Hangar Forum and we thought the wider community might enjoy the read. Thank you Jackson for posting it.   Hi everyone,   One thousand posts on an internet forum is not a massive deal, however I decided to d...

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Aarhus Airport X EKAH

Aug 03 2014 06:53 AM | Chuck_Jodry-VJPL in News
Article Viewed 643 Times

Aarhus Airport X is now available free. New in v. 1.2: New 40 cm/pixel photoreal ground terrain with seasonal variation. New autogen trees. More aircraft shelters (HAS) added. ADE updated. Fixed an issue with missing taxiway textures in Prepar3D. The s...

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Fs2Crew News

Aug 02 2014 07:10 AM | Chuck_Jodry-VJPL in Product Announcements & Press Releases
Article Viewed 473 Times

Two pieces of news from FS2Crew

1. FS2Crew Voice Control for the Majestic Dash 8 Q400 now supports Prepar 3D 2.2.

The P3D 2.2 version is built into the main FS2Crew installer.

2. Flight Crew Assistant 737, 747 and Airbus for App...

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Carenado PA34 Seneca V For FSX/P3D

Aug 01 2014 08:05 AM | Chuck_Jodry-VJPL in Product Announcements & Press Releases
Article Viewed 1177 Times

Carenado has released their PA34 Seneca V HD Series For FSX/P3D with the following Special Features:
Carenado G600 (with 3D knob technology)
Cold and Dark start option
Windows lighting scratches effect
Volumetric side view prop effect

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A2A Exhibit Hangar D Booth 4009

Jul 29 2014 07:51 AM | Chuck_Jodry-VJPL in Community News
Article Viewed 830 Times

Air Venture 2014, the world’s largest fly in and air show, opened this week in Oshkosh Wisconsin.  Air Venture has been serving the aviation community for sixty one years with an estimated half million people and 10,000 airplanes expected this yea...

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Adelaide International X V2.0

Jul 29 2014 07:44 AM | Chuck_Jodry-VJPL in News
Article Viewed 584 Times

Adelaide International X V2.0 has been released, Adelaide fills a gap that has been missing ever since FSX and P3D were released, capable of handling 777’s right down to Dash 8’s and GA aircraft you’re bound to enjoy flying into Adelaide. On top this t...

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ESDG Cirrus SR22 GTSX Turbo 3.0 For P3DV2

Jul 28 2014 07:10 AM | Chuck_Jodry-VJPL in Product Announcements & Press Releases
Article Viewed 860 Times

Eaglesoft Development Group is pleased to announce that our Lockheed Martin P3DV2 Cirrus SR22GTSX Turbo 3.0 "Avidyne" has been released to market!
Now includes 2D and VC dual integration for licensed owners of Flight 1 GTN 650s and dual GSN 430s...

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Oculus Rift Running X-Plane At Airventure

Jul 27 2014 06:26 AM | Chuck_Jodry-VJPL in News
Article Viewed 850 Times

Laminar Research will be demonstrating X-Plane 10 running on the development version of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset at AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI on July 29-30. The X-Plane / Oculus system will be shown at the TruTrak Flight Systems booth in...

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Dovtails Games & Flight1 Partner On Steam

Jul 25 2014 03:33 PM | Chuck_Jodry-VJPL in Product Announcements & Press Releases
Article Viewed 1440 Times

Flight1 to bring FSX add-ons to Steam launch. Following the recent announcement that Dovetail Games has acquired the rights to distribute the multi-award winning Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Gold Edition via Valve’s popular digital retail channel...

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Simswitch Version 1.1 From Tweakfs

Jul 25 2014 05:45 AM | Chuck_Jodry-VJPL in Product Announcements & Press Releases
Article Viewed 447 Times

TweakFS have updated their SimSwitch utility with better Prepar3D V2 auto-detection and an expanded Help file that explains how to use it.

This utility switches the FSX installation folder path stored in the Windows Registry from FSX to Prepar3D...

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Simchecklist Released

Jul 25 2014 05:39 AM | Chuck_Jodry-VJPL in Product Announcements & Press Releases
Article Viewed 724 Times

SimChecklist.net has released their electronic checklist program, called SimChecklist on the Windows platform.Running as a stand alone app, it may be used in parallel with any flight simulator program (FSX, X-Plane, Prepar3D) to
pop up a checklist w...

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Santa Cruz Viru Viru SLVR

Jul 24 2014 07:27 AM | Chuck_Jodry-VJPL in Product Announcements & Press Releases
Article Viewed 391 Times

Santa Cruz Viru Viru SLVR is the main airport in Bolivia. Its the most important because international flights can serve nonstop from Bolivia to Europe, North America and Latin America. Santa Cruz is one of Bolivia’s most important cities.

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Japan Hd Mesh Scenery V2 For X-Plane

Jul 24 2014 07:21 AM | Chuck_Jodry-VJPL in Product Announcements & Press Releases
Article Viewed 243 Times

alpilotx.net HD Mesh Scenery v2 has expanded to Japan. Basically it shares the same improvements in all the other HD Mesh Scenery v2 regions The highlights in Japan are:
Updated OSM data (Japan received a very big update trough government sponsored...

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Saarbrucken X-HD EDDR

Jul 22 2014 06:50 AM | Chuck_Jodry-VJPL in News
Article Viewed 576 Times

 Soarfly Concepts announces the release of Saarbrucken X-HD (EDDR) for FSX
Saarbrucken X-HD is exactly what it says on the box, high definition ground, buildings and taxiway details. This scenery is 100% compatible with Taxi Signs HD and has a...

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Stradale Racing Simulator

Jul 22 2014 06:37 AM | Chuck_Jodry-VJPL in Product Announcements & Press Releases
Article Viewed 481 Times

 Laminar Research creators of X-Plane announced Stradale Racing Simulator for mobile iPad and iPhone platforms has been released.The product, conceived and designed by Laminar founder Austin Meyer, was built using the same concept of Laminar’s sho...

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Pilot2ATC Opens User Forum on AVSIM

Jul 21 2014 09:35 AM | Tom Allensworth in News
Article Viewed 1054 Times

AVSIM is pleased to announce that Pilot2ATC has joined the community forum system here. Pilot2ATC issued the following statement; "As our user community continues to grow, we need a place to provide information, support and product announcements. ...

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REVIEW - Airbus X Voice Control by FS2Crew

Jul 19 2014 11:28 PM | Chase in Reviews
Article Viewed 730 Times

Airbus X Voice Control by FS2Crew A review by Aamir Thacker Introduction Before I start this review, there is one thing I need to get out of the way. Considering the fact that this review is pertaining to a product that relies on speech recog...

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