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777 freezing

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234 replies to this topic

#16 snickers



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Posted 10 September 2013 - 04:02 PM

Maybe it's EZdok? But no problems with the NGX.. 

Bernhard Statter

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#17 mosteen


    -=Simmer since 1990=-

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Posted 10 September 2013 - 04:09 PM

I have EZdok, never had a single freeze, longest flight so far was a 8:20 testflight and I stressed the thing with extensive 8x TC for the last 4 hours.

PMDG is hunting down the freeze culprit so it will be solved quite soon for those who struggle.


#18 hontzt



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Posted 10 September 2013 - 09:08 PM

Any of you running REX? I had this issue as well, stopped using REX the freezing stopped. I'll check for REX updates and see if I can use it on long haul flights.

Commercial SEL
BE-300, BE-400, DHC8, MU-300
C-17A Globemaster III

#19 cmpbellsjc


    Member - 4,000+

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Posted 10 September 2013 - 09:20 PM

I've been noticing that mine freezes up for about 3 seconds on every takeoff when I get to about 1000' AGL then it resumes as normal. Normally people report paused or freezes on touch down but mine does it on takeoff, touch down is fine.



Sean Campbell




  • Members
  • 975 posts
  • Joined 5 Years, 9 Months and 8 Days Ago.

Posted 10 September 2013 - 09:32 PM

Several freezes here.

I did the tutorial with no issues at all. The other attempted flights were freezes where fsx is not responding. I don't used cold and dark, I use long turn. No REX. NO EZDOK.

Last flight I tried was kewr to ksfo and I was using the ground auto turn with auto pushback. Freeze occurred as I was starting 2. Engine was at 5% n1. I could hear the engine continue the spool up, but the simulation stopped responding. I'm considering rolling fsx back to sp2 from acceleration to see if there is any difference.

One last thing: all attempted flights have been with Opus. The tutorial did not have any wx injection. Not sure if there is some sort of conflict there.

"I am the Master of the Fist!" -Akuma
Cory Harry

#21 FDX706



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Posted 10 September 2013 - 10:29 PM

Having similar issues. Also experienced microstutters when editing FMC in flight. Had my first OOM on short final to FSDT KLAX. Never experienced a loss of virtual memory with the NGX. Tried all the tweaks recommended in the manual. I'm sure the dev team are assessing and developing a fix. We'll just have to stay tuned. On the other side she a joy to fly. By the way using AS2012 sp2, no EZDOK

Darren Esannason


#22 Badfinger


    Member - 4,000+

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Posted 10 September 2013 - 11:16 PM

No Freezes yet. Have done about 50 hours. I have Realtek sound, but use Opus cams, an uninstalled Ezdok sometime back

Julian Evans

#23 KaiKranz



  • Members
  • 5 posts
  • Joined 1 Year, 8 Months and 25 Days Ago.

Posted 14 September 2013 - 04:26 AM

I have also the Problem with the freeze. Every time in flight i get the freeze after aprox. 2 hours. Even if i press the Windows button nothing happens. i need to restart my system.  hopefully a patch will be available soon.

Kai Kranz

#24 beerwolfe


    Member - 2,000+

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  • 2,802 posts
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Posted 14 September 2013 - 04:35 AM

same here , 2 out of the 20 flights froze with the spinning circle running in the background.


Both recovered on their own and no further problems during both flights. One of them happened as I clicked to outside view top down


#25 B247NG


    Member - 1,000+

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  • 1,297 posts
  • Joined 5 Years, 6 Months and 30 Days Ago.

Posted 14 September 2013 - 06:04 AM

I solved this freezing on my system 2 days ago, Ezdok was hanging, but the real cause was simconnect struggling to find DLL's of uninstalled addons. 


This should be included in regular FSX maintenance. If you want to try this, just enable simconnect logging, it's described here how to do this - http://forum.simflig...ing-simconnect/   Backup you simconnect.ini before that, you will need to disable log after you finish, becouse this can give you stutters too :)


So, enable simconnect log, start FSX, load the flight, leave it to run a couple of seconds, close FSX. Now open simconnect log and search for entries like this:


"1.69910 File not found: Path="A2A\Shared\A2A_Service.dll"" 


If you have "File not found", that means you don't have that DLL anymore, but you still have some entries left in DLL/XML or DLL.EXE. Go to DLL/XML and delete that line, so simconnect will not try to find DLL anymore. Most of installers will leave this entries after you uninstall addon, and this will cause simconnect problems and stutters. After you finish that, just disable simconnect log(put your simconnect.ini back)and that is all.


I did this, and i checked that my sounds are not procesed by CPU anymore - i moved headset to the right output for Realtek on-board audio, and i don't have stutters on touchdown(that was becouse of sounds)or in flight freezing anymore. I tried to do same flights where my FSX freezes every time, and this was the solution for me.


So, Realtek and Ezdok are ok, in fact realtek is a very important to use if you don't have soundcard, but you have on-board audio. 

I don't have freezes and stutters anymore, and performance is slightly better

Zeljko Budovic

#26 NZ255



  • Members
  • 188 posts
  • Joined 6 Years, 3 Months and 18 Days Ago.

Posted 14 September 2013 - 06:04 AM

Me too, froze with sound for 10 minutes a couple of times. Was running rex wx, and the 777. No ezca.
Nick Botica

#27 Dean_EGTC



  • Donor
  • 905 posts
  • Joined 13 Years and 20 Days Ago.

Posted 15 September 2013 - 03:56 PM

I bought the T7 today and have just ran the tutorial flight.  The whole trip was plagued by 4-5 sec freezes every 2 mins or so.  Extremely infuriating.

- Dean

#28 Vic1



  • Members
  • 465 posts
  • Joined 7 Years, 7 Months and 25 Days Ago.

Posted 15 September 2013 - 04:44 PM

couple of freezes here too. both unfroze after about 5 mins I opened task manager tried everything still heard sound was about to exit fs first time but fixed itself without my help it seemed and all fine for rest of flight. kav

#29 JC75



  • Members
  • 634 posts
  • Joined 7 Years, 2 Months and 3 Days Ago.

Posted 15 September 2013 - 05:13 PM

Just froze again, EGPH to EGLL, stutters everynow and then on flight down, then just on base to 27 at EGLL, froze, sound still playing(including the rain) but whole screen froze.


No EZCA removed that ages ago, 

Using OPUS for weather remoted from another PC.

Along with AES Remote on Another PC


UK200 Scenery and ORBX UK.


Have a go flight gear and flap unit, so that software is running in background.

Wasnt online but FSINN would have ran its FWINN copilot module in background

Linda running for some control mapping

FSPUIC latest version



Overclocked PC running i2600k at 4.8, 8gb ram, ati card, overclocked. running 3 22inch monitors.

Running on Windows 7  - Windows on a SSD, Fsx on its Own SSD, 

Unitstalled realtek Sound drivers.


Dont have pauses with NGX or any other aircraft.


Very difficult to understand why, as I have done long flights, with no big freeze other than the couple of second pauses.

Flight before this freeze was EGBB to EGPH no freeze, flown TNCM to KJFK no freeze and various other long hauls that have either had no freeze, have frozen or OOM.


Yet I have had multiple freezes before when taking off get to about 80kts and whole sim freezes and stays that way.

Have had various OOM on occasions, but seem to have fixed them.


In time its taken to write this its still frozen.


Back to m NGX I think - prefer it anyhow, 777 bit boring to fly, so automated virtually dont even need to touch it! Will be looking forward to the more manual 747 instead, for the long haul.


We so need someone to build us a better Simulator than FSX!


James Carr

#30 Dicko



  • Members
  • 782 posts
  • Joined 6 Years, 9 Months and 12 Days Ago.

Posted 16 September 2013 - 03:53 AM

2 pauses for about 5 minutes while crossing the pond. Not happy.
Andrew Dixon
"If common sense was compulsory everyone would have it but I am afraid this is not the case"
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Where Flight Simulation Enthusiasts Gather from Around the World!