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Bendix King PDF manuals online...

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Posted 05 May 2002 - 09:25 PM

Here is a useful operational reference for the Bendix King line of products, all in Adobe PDF format, including the KAP140 autopilot found on the FS2002 Cessna:http://www.bendixkin...pilotguide.htmlAudio Control Consoles KMA 20 KMA 24/24H (508KB) KMA 26 (996KB) KMA 28 (996KB) Automatic Direction Finder KFS 586/586A (284KB) KR 86 KR 87 (996KB) Distance Measuring Equipment KDI 572/573/574 w/ KDM 706/706A (284KB) KN62A/64 (996KB) Flight Control Systems KAP 140 (10,361KB) KAP-KFC 200 (9,122KB) KCS 55A (4,537KB) KFC-KAP150 (22,249KB) KFC 250 (5,625KB) KFC 300 (9,638 KB) KFC 400 (KB) KFC 225 (2,217KB) KFC 500 (1,314KB) KFC 500 - DUAL (1,408KB) Flight Management Systems CDU-XLS GNS-XES w/ Advisory VNAV (8,10KB) GNS-XES w/ Coupled VNAV (9,092KB) GNS-XES Citation Ultra (9,092KB) GNS-XLS (3,637KB) GNS-XLS Enhanced (4,711KB) Frequency Selectors KFS 564/564A (284KB) KFS 579A (284KB) KFS 594 (284KB) KFS 598/598A (284KB) KFS 576 KFS 576A KFS 578A Navigational Receiver VS. GlideSlope KN 53 (996KB) Global Positioning Systems (GPS) KLN 35A (1,517KB) KLN 89/89B Quick Reference Guide KLN 89/89B (12,050KB) KLN 90A Long Version (46,015 KB) KLN 90A Abbreviated Version (2,684 KB) KLN 90B (2,226KB) KLN 94 Quick Reference Guide KLN 94 (4,564KB) KLN 900 KLN 900 Memory Jogger KLX 135A (1,040KB) KLX 135 (775KB) Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Systems (EGPWS) KGP 560 EGPWS (1,351KB) Handhelds KX 99 (1,357 KB) KLX 100 (8,793 KB) Indicators KPI 552B (284KB) KPI 553A/553B (284KB) Indicators-RMI KNI 582 Indicators-NAV/DME KTU 709 w/ KDI 572/573/574 IHAS 5000(Integrated Hazard Avoidance System) KMD 550 (1.48MB) KMD 550 Addendum ( EGPWS) KMD 550/850 Addendum (Traffic ) KMD 550 Addendum (KAC 503 FIS) IHAS 8000(Integrated Hazard Avoidance System) KMD 850 (1.48MB) KMD 850 Addendum (Wx Radar) KMD 850 Addendum 2 (EGPWS) KMD 550/850 Addendum (Traffic ) KMD 850 Addendum 3 (KAC 503 FIS) Loran KLN 88 (1,963 KB) Marker Beacon Receivers KMR 675 (284 KB) KMA 26 (996 KB) KMA 28 (996 KB) Moving Map Displays KMD 150 (17,542KB) SkymapIIIC (809KB) Skymap II (740KB) Skymap IIIC Addendum Multi-Function Display KMD 150 (17,542KB) KMD 550/850 (1.48MB) KMD 550/850 Addendum (Traffic ) KMD 550/850 EGPWS (489KB) KMD 850 WxRadar (1.36MB) KMD 550/850 Addendum (KAC 503 FIS) Nav/Comms KX 125 (8,018KB) KX 145 KX 155/165 (291KB) KX 155A/165A (996KB) KX 170B / KX 175B Radar GC 360A (KB) RDR 2000 (10,352KB) RDR 2100 (6,092KB) RNAV KNS 80 (4,242KB) KNS 81 (5,478KB) TCAS KTA 870/KMH 880 KTA 970 / KMH 980 CAS 66A (1,479KB) CAS 67A ACAS II (2,247KB) CAS 67A TCAS II (2,970KB) Transceivers (HF, UHF, VHF) KCU 951 (284 KB) KHF 950/990 (2,666 KB) KTR 909/909A (193 KB) KX 155A/165A (996 KB) KY 96A/97A (4,708 KB) KY 196 KY 196A/196B/197A KY 196A/196B/197A SC+ Transponders KT 70/71 (996KB) KT 76A (497KB) KT 76C (996KB)

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